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Child Welfare Bodhgaya Foundation   Aid for Buddhas forgotten children

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In 2002 the first step was taken in the establishment of Child Welfare Bodhgaya foundation. Ine (Buma) le Blanc was on a journey following in the footsteps of the Buddha, with Bodhgaya, India's poorest district, as her final destination. For both Buddhists and Hindus alike Bodhgaya is the most holy place of all holy places and an important place of pilgrimage. At the world famous Mahabodhi temple stands the sacred Bodhi tree. Traditions has it that this is the place where the Buddha reached his Enlightenment over 2500 years ago and it's the place where he spread his message of peace, happiness and compassion for the world to hear.

Children who are on their own
Ine was amazed by all she saw outside the Mahabodhi temple, but the one thing that really touched her were the children on the street. Children with beautiful eyes and lively faces, but also faces full of distrust and sadness. Children with polio or other severe birth disorders who were left to vent for themselves. Sexually abused girls, lost in a world where there simple was no place for them. Small children carrying out the most filthy jobs in exchange for a little ball of rice. Children spending the night on a piece of carton or a hole in the ground which they dug all by themselves. In short: Children who were completely on their own.
After making inquiries, Ine found that there were no social security's or shelters for these children. This knowledge moved Ine so profoundly that she thought to herself; I have to do something. I want to restore these children to what they really are: Children!

Back to the Netherlands
Back in the Netherlands Ine got to work immediately. The overall reactions to her plan were positive; people were touched and were willing to put effort into giving these children hope for a better future. This has became the heart of Ine's mission, which eventually led to the establishing of the Child Welfare Bodhgaya Foundation on the 19th of May 2003.