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Child Welfare Bodhgaya Foundation   Aid for Buddhas forgotten children

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Our project is located in Bihar, Bihar, Indiaone of the poorest federal states in the northeast of India. Nowhere in India will you find so much poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. Bihar is the country of outcasts and pariah. They live with nothing and for nothing. Mahtama Ghandi named them 'Harijnas', which means 'children of god'. But they call themselves 'Dalits', the broken and oppressed people. Outcasts have no rights, only duties and in the eyes of many Indians they have no reason to be alive. It's a global injustice which is translated through personal dramas and in which children mostly are the victims.

Bodhgaya, in the footsteps of the Buddha
Bodhgaya is located in the south of Bihar. For both Buddhists and Hindus Bodhgaya is the most sacred place on earth and it is an important place of pilgrimage. Traditions has it that the Buddha reached his Enlightenment under a tree in Bodhgaya, where nowadays you can find the sacred Bodhi tree and the world famous Mahabodhi temple. This is the place where he spread his message of peace, happiness and compassion for the world to hear.
But in the more recent past, Bodhgaya's history has taken a turn for the worse and both Bodhgaya and the surrounding region are constantly confronted with social conflicts, acts of violence and children who are left to vent for themselves. These children severely suffer under these miserable conditions in which they are forced to live and both their physical and mental development is being seriously undermined. This means violation of the most elementary rights of a child, namely: the right for care, love and recognition.