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Child Welfare Bodhgaya Foundation   Aid for Buddhas forgotten children

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To guarantee the continuity of the Lord Buddha Home for Children and to give a new future to all the children, your donations are essential. Donations can be made in varies ways. Just see which method suits you best.

Some examples of what your money can buy
Food and drinks for a child, per month: € 25,00
Toiletry for a child, per month: € 5,00
Clothing, shoes etc. for a child, per year: € 75,00
School fees, school uniform, schoolbooks for a child, per year: € 160,00
Medical care for a child, per year: € 100,00
Toys, drawing/craft materials for 50 children, per year: € 500,00
Annual salary for a mother: € 600,00
Expenses of a daytrip for the children and staff: € 100,00
Homework assistance for the children, per year: € 600,00

Would you like to donate with a particular project/purpose in mind? That's possible. Download the  sponsoring/sponsorship proposals, choose the project you would like to support and contact us via email: or by phone: +31 24 6962930.